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6 things in life that have to be just right

WE’RE NOT A fussy bunch.
Oh, okay, well maybe we are a bit. But only because we know there are some things in life that just have to be done well – or not at all.
These are the deal-breakers. Perfection or bust.

1. Wanted: kitchen alchemist

It’s an exact science, the making of tea, isn’t it? When to remove the bag, how much milk, what kind of bags, sugar… When you find someone who makes you the right cup of tea, marry them. They’re your one true soulmate.


2. Easy does it

Showers can be tricky work. One light touch to the right, and you have the potential to be freezing. And then one glancing blow to the left and you’re scorched. This is one department in which we demand exacting perfection.

2 easy does it

3. Walk tall

Listen: we all know the unique pain of a dislodged sock in your shoe. We’d rather walk a mile with a twisted ankle than suffer this indignity. A sock-in-shoe situation has to beright. Right?


4. On the level

Symmetry is important in nature – ever heard of the Golden Ratio? But there are other places where symmetry is key, too. Think uneven paintings on the wall, a towel at an angle on that rail… Just try and imagine sleeping in a bed with the sheets not even, untucked at one side. Nightmare.


5. The magic moment

Avocados – friend or foe? Nothing is better than the feeling of slicing into one at precisely the right moment. Before it goes black, but just after it’s that little bit too hard. The stuff of absolute dreams.

5 magic moment

6. Adult Jenga

Nailing the perfect parking position: an unbeatable high. As you glide right into that spot, your wheels gracefully between the white lines, you can just imagine how appreciate your fellow motorists will be. Good job.

Nailed it