Johnstown Castle

Visit this splendid 19th-century castle. Built around 1855, it was home to the powerful Fitzgerald and Esmonde families. Although the castle is no longer occupied and is closed to the public, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the wooded grounds or relax by the castle lakeside.

The castle was gifted to the state in 1945 and became home to the Department of Agriculture. The outbuildings on the estate are now home to the Irish Agricultural Museum, which showcases the history of farming in Ireland and an exhibition about the Great Famine.

Johnstown Castle

Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford
+353 53 9184671
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Johnstown Castle

Explore the ornamental grounds and gardens surrounding the spectacular 19th-century castle.

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Clayton Whites Hotel

In the very heart of historic Wexford town.

Johnstown Castle

Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford


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