Egg Painting with Crafty Kids

Egg decorating is a wonderful activity to try out with the family this Easter. It’s a perfect excuse to spend quality time together and you’ll have a great laugh trying to get the egg out of the shells. Everyone will love getting creative with their own unique eggy creations and if handled carefully, they can be kept forever (as long as you remove the insides).

What You’ll Need

  • A carton of fresh eggs from your local shop
  • A needle or pin
  • Arts and craft supplies

Preparing and Painting Your Egg

Take a needle or a pin and carefully pierce your egg at the top and the bottom. It can make it easier if you pierce the bottom of your egg a few times. If you have a needle, try to poke the egg enough to break the yolk, this will make removing it easier.

Now for the tricky part – take a wide bowl and grasp your pierced egg with your two hands. Gently place the top of the egg in your mouth, seal tightly with your lips, and then blow, collecting the egg insides in the bowl beneath you. The egg should start to come out through the piercings at the bottom. It can take some time to get the hang of it but stick with it! Run the shell under cold water once all the egg has been removed and carefully pat dry.

Now you can start decorating! You can use paint, crayons, markers, glitter or stickers –
get as creative as you can! A helpful trick is to cut the egg carton up to make little holders to place your eggshell in while you’re painting.

Don’t forget to use up all the raw eggs you removed from the shells. You’ll have worked up an appetite after creating your eggshell masterpieces and these are perfect for whipping up a quick and delicious meal – scrambled eggs, French toast, omelettes, frittatas, whatever the family favourite is.


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