Living Green at Clayton Hotels

 Living Green at Clayton Crown Hotel

At Clayton Crown Hotel we care deeply about the future of our planet, we are committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative green solutions. We look after our staff, our customers, our community, and our environment in many ways, from sourcing sustainable suppliers, using eco-friendly and recyclable products, and training our employees in environmental awareness and best practices.

Clayton Crown Hotel has a‘ Green Committee’ which is responsible for monitoring and implementing the ongoing action plan to deliver our commitment.

Our Goals

We aim to prevent landfill waste and improve recycling, by reviewing how supplies and equipment are purchased, packaged, delivered, used, and disposed of while complying will all applicable environmental legislation.

How Our Guest Can Help

  • Turn off lights or electrical items in your bedroom when not in use
  • Consider the usage of your towels during your stay
  • Allow us to recycle any newspapers that may no longer be required
  • Avoid dripping taps
  • Adhering to our No Smoking Policy in the Hotel
  • Use recycling station located by the lift on the first and second floor.

Our Projects and Progress


The Future

At Clayton Crown Hotel, we are committed to continuing our efforts in reducing our environmental impact. If you have any recommendations or would like to know more please contact us.


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