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Red Bean Roastery at Clayton Hotels

Red Bean Roastery

Red Bean Roastery is exclusive to Clayton & Maldron Hotels and serves our unique signature blend of coffee prepared by expert Baristas.

The Red Bean Roastery Story

The red bean refers to the ripe fruit of the jasmine scented flower of the coffee plant. It is when the fruit has reached perfection. The Red Bean Roastery is about capturing this moment in a perfect cup of coffee.

Our coffee is sourced from the four corners of the globe, including Central and South America, Africa and Asia. We rely on farmers and growers to bring us their finest produce. We then take those beans and create our signature handcrafted house blend in our local roastery.

A great coffee experience

We have made it our mission to bring our customers a great cup of coffee whenever they visit a Red Bean Roastery. It’s about a quality coffee experience, easily accessible, in great locations. And the mission – to deliver great coffee every day to our customers at Clayton Hotels.

Our coffee is enjoyed in great locations. We have put time and thought into our coffee spaces allowing our customers the perfect environment to catch up with an old friend or catch up on their emails. These are flexible and accommodating spaces that offer comfort and atmosphere designed to bring our customers back time and time again.

Expert Baristas

What truly elevates our coffee is the craft and care our baristas put into perfecting every cup.

The result of their craft is our signature espresso that is smooth, well rounded with perfectly balanced body – rich, buttery feel with a deep, dark after taste. This craft and care is also reflected in our many other beverage offerings such as our speciality teas and selection of tasty snacks and treats, many of which are freshly prepared on site.

Great selection of treats

The food offering changes throughout the day from breakfast, delicious hot porridge and fresh berry yogurt pots and smoothies and fruit bowls to go, warm buttery pastries, toast and freshly baked scones every morning served with gourmet preserves. For lunch, delicious homemade seasonal soup and artisan bread is served. Desserts and sweet treats can be purchased throughout the day.

Just take a seat and enjoy our Red Bean Roastery experience.

Where to find Read Bean Roastery

  • Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport
  • Clayton Hotel Leopardstown
  • Clayton Hotel Burlington Road
  • Clayton Hotel Chiswick
  • Clayton Hotel Cork City
  • Clayton Hotel Silver Springs
  • Clayton Hotel Limerick
  • Clayton Hotel Galway

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