Lough Gur Heritage Centre

This visitor centre offers a perfect retreat in itself. Situated on the shoreline, the heritage centre explores one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites which has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The furthest signs of life pre-date 3,000BC.

Lough Gur Heritage Centre is located in Ballyhoura area, just 30 minutes drive from Clayton Hotel Limerick.

Lough Gur

Bruff, Knockfennell, Co. Limerick
hotel near lough gur heritage centre

Lough Gur

Discover one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites with a history older than the pyramids.

clayton hotel limerick

Clayton Hotel Limerick

Ireland’s tallest hotel, superbly located overlooking Limerick’s famous River Shannon.

Lough Gur Heritage Centre

Lough Gur
Bruff, Knockfennell
County Limerick


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