Sligo Abbey

The impressive ruins are at the centre of Sligo town. The Dominican Friary was founded in the 13th century and many intricate carvings have survived.

The Abbey suffered countless attempts of destruction over the years, from invasions including the 1642 Rebellion to being set alight in the 19th century during a fit of rage by Sir Frederick Hamilton. Astonishingly much of the Abbey survived along with centuries of carvings, Gothic and Renaissance tombs and the only 15th century high alter from an Irish Monastery still standing.

Our highlights include the O’Crean Alter Tomb dating back to 1506, The Belfry Tower and the Choir where mass would have been celebrated.

Visiting Sligo Abbey

The site is open from March to October between 10.00am and 6.00pm.

Sligo Abbey is 5 minutes’ drive from our hotel, town centre parking during peak times in summer can be limited. Alternatively, it is a very pleasant 25 minute stroll or there are regular buses from the end of our driveway which pass Sligo Abbey.

Sligo Abbey

Abbey Street, Sligo


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