Woodville Farm

The family run farm is just outside Strandhill, about 10 – 15 minutes’ drive from Clayton Hotel Sligo. You can pre-book a tour around this gorgeous woodland area. The owners have a love and passion for farming which makes their guided tour even more interesting and enjoyable.

Visitors are taken on a short stroll through a nature trail in the woodland area and through stunning green fields. Along the way visitors will see historic farm buildings where some of the farm animals live, including some rare breeds.

They have over 200 sheep, 35 suckler cows, as well as 600 commercial free-range hens where you are allowed to collect the free range eggs. Young children can enjoy feeding many of the animals such as the goats, lambs, horses, pigs etc. They can even hold little chicks and ducklings.

At the end of the tour there is the family-run farm museum, located in the renovated horse stalls which date back to 1870.

Woodville Farm

Ballydoogan, Co. Sligo

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Woodville Farm

Ballydoogan, Co. Sligo


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