Asylroom – Escape the Room

Asylroom – Escape the Room Galway is an immersive experience where a group of people are locked in one of the theme rooms and have to find their way out by solving the mystery in 60 minutes. The ‘Escape the Room’ concept is a new form of entertainment. It’s like a computer adventure game – except it’s the real thing!

They have four rooms available: Sherlocked, Se7en Sins, Da Vinci Code and Chernobyl. All of them are about the same level of difficulty so don’t be afraid to choose any – or you can ask for a recommendation.

Get your family, friends, teammates or colleagues and do it. Great fun is guaranteed.

Download the Asylroom – Escape the Room brochure here

Asylroom – Escape the Room

60 Dominick Street Lower, Galway
+(353) 852206513

Asylroom – Escape the Room

60 Dominick Street Lower


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