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    Posted 10.6.23

    Our Top Tips for Beating Jetlag

    Our Tips to beat Jetlag

    Jetlag can occur any time you travel quickly across two or more time zones. The best way to beat jetlag is to quickly and clearly give your body the information it needs about the new time zone.  In short, your body needs a good amount of sleep and sunlight at the right times.


    Tire yourself out before bed and boost your endorphins in our Fitness Suite open 24/7 which will make sure you feel so much fresher in the morning. Guests can work out with the treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bikes, and free weights and also gym balls and gymnastics mats.

    Eat Right

    Make sure to fuel up before you set off and enjoy the Clayton Hotel Vitality Breakfast, a healthy way to start your day after your work out in the Fitness Suite.

    Split up your trip

    This is where we at Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport can help! Located less than 10 minutes from Dublin Airport, guests can avail of the free airport shuttle departing from the hotel entrance every 30 minutes 24/7. Whether you’re discovering rural Ireland, enjoying a weekend break in Dublin City, or heading off to the other side of the world, a stay at Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport is the perfect place to get a good night’s rest before commencing your trip.

    Adapt to local time zone

    An early local bedtime is essential to beating jetlag instead of napping throughout the day and laying wide awake all night. Our executive rooms are all fitted with air conditioning, soundproof walls, king-sized beds and a complimentary wake-up service which makes getting up early that little bit easier!

    Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

    Caffeine is the best way to ensure you stay awake during the day and avoid the temptation of going to sleep straight away. Each of our executive rooms contains a bespoke Nespresso Machine and our Red Bean Roastery Coffee Dock is open 24/7 in our lobby to suit your caffeine needs until it’s an acceptable hour to sleep.

    Four-Star Hotel Near Dublin Airport

    Get a great night’s rest here at Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport before you start your unforgettable trip.

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