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    Posted 14.11.24

    What Is The Average Wedding Cost In Ireland?

    What is the Average Wedding Cost in Ireland?

    It’s no big secret that weddings can be expensive in Ireland. According to Confetti Magazine’s annual Irish Wedding Survey in 2019, the average cost of a wedding is €25,000. This figure depends on a lot of variables such as guest list size and venue costs but either way an estimated budget figure needs to be calculated so you and your partner can plan the perfect wedding within your limits.

    How to calculate your wedding budget


    1. Find out if anyone is contributing to your wedding

    Some families can help contribute towards the costs of your wedding. If this is something your parents have mentioned before, have a chat with them to see exactly how much they can contribute. This will allow you to come up with a realistic budget as you know where you stand. The last thing you want is to be arguing with your family over money – be respectful and thankful.

    2. Calculate what you can afford to spend on your wedding

    It’s important to be honest with yourselves for this step. If you overestimate what you can afford it will leave you feeling stressed and anxious about the wedding. Work out how much you can afford to save each month in the lead up to your wedding. Some couples choose to push their wedding out by a year to allow more time to save. Do what works best for you.

    3. Estimate the size of your wedding guest list

    Now that you have an estimated budget, it’s time to make an estimated guest list. Nearly all wedding packages are priced per guest attending. By estimating the number of guests, you would like to invite, you will have a much better idea of your budget and which venues are suitable. Remember, the guestlist budget does not include the cost of a wedding dress, suits, etc. Ideally, half of your budget will go towards the meal and the other half is for everything else.

    4. Discuss your non-negotiables and prioritise them

    You and your fiancé might have different ideas on the most important elements of your wedding day. Perhaps you want a gourmet banquet experience, but they want a free bar. Flowers might be hugely important to you but not to them. Try to decide on one non-negotiable aspect for each other and then prioritise any other aspects to fit within your budget.

    5. Identify and beware of any hidden costs

    Wedding budgets can be blown very quickly – even when you’ve both had the best of intentions. Be sure to read the fine print and carry out lots of research for every aspect of your wedding. Here are some hidden costs you might not have considered before now:

    • Alteration costs for dresses or suits
    • Marriage certificate fees
    • Church fees
    • Civil ceremony fees
    • Late bar extension fees
    • Hairdresser/makeup artist travel costs
    • Wedding insurance
    • Tips for vendors
    6. Compare your estimated costs with your budget

    Do they match up? Or are they out by miles? If they match up, great – you’ve found your wedding budget. If not, try revisiting the above steps and work on your guestlist and non-negotiables until you can get the figures to align better. Find your budget and stick to it.

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