Posted 29.9.24

University of Cambridge Most Notable Alumni

As the second-oldest university in the UK, Cambridge has a long history that stretches back hundreds of years. Throughout that time, the University has been a place of study for some of the world’s greatest minds & Famous Alumni of Cambridge University.

If you’re planning a trip to Clayton Hotel Cambridge, you’ll find plenty of exciting attractions, historic buildings and restaurants in Cambridge. Here is a look at some of most notable alumni from Cambridge University so you can learn more about the history of the famous institution.

Sir Isaac Newton

Before he became famous for headbutting an apple, Sir Isaac Newton was a student at Trinity College in the University of Cambridge. During his time at the school, he studied advanced mathematics in addition to optics and mechanics. As a student, he produced a number of studies that were respected by the scientific community however his initial work on the forces of gravity was initially shunned and it took a while for them to gain traction.

Alan Turing

This computer scientist, logician, mathematician and philosopher may not be familiar to many people; however, he was one of the essential thinkers during the early years of computer technology development. In addition to studying at Princeton University in the US, Turing spent several years expanding his knowledge of theoretical computer science at King’s College in Cambridge. Though the public may not recognise his name, he will be remembered as a pioneer of the digital age.

Francis Bacon

In the 1500s, Trinity College opened its doors to someone who would eventually become one of the UK’s most influential historical figures. The university is known for attracting great minds and multi-talented students but Francis Bacon took it to a new level. His areas of study included journalism, politics, literature, science and philosophy. After graduating, he went on to become a respected statesman, scientist and author.

William Harvey

Anyone working within the health industry or studying anatomy may already recognise this name. William Harvey is remembered for being the first physician to create a detailed description of the circulatory system. This helped moved forward the medical industry of the time and increased the scientific communities understanding of how the human body works. Before making this profound discovery, he spent his days strolling the grounds of Cambridge and studying at the Gonville and Caius College.

Joseph Stiglitz

Anyone running a business or trading on the stock market will know this name. For those who don’t, Joseph Stiglitz is one of the most renowned economists in history and is also one of the many Cambridge students to have won a Nobel Prize. During his former years, Stiglitz studied at a number of prestigious universities including Cambridge rival, Oxford University.

Sylvia Plath

Better known by her pen name, Victoria Lucas, this beloved poet and author was one of the defining voices of her generation and penned some of the most influential writings of the 20th century. After moving to the UK from America, she perfected her craft and became inspired while studying at Newnham College.