Posted 23.12.23

    Tips for Travelling with Children

    Tips for Travelling with children

    We know that family travel isn’t easy at the best of times. Airports are busy, queues are long and children’s attention spans are short! We’ve created this guide to get you up to speed on how Manchester Airport works for families.

    Choosing the right holiday destination

    Before you book your dream family holiday make sure that the destination is child-friendly. Check if there are child-friendly restaurants and activities nearby, if the footpaths would be comfortable for a pushchair, will they be able top cope with the weather, these are all important factors to consider when travelling with children that can affect the quality of your well-deserved trip.


    Plan your route to the airport

    Tensions can run high when it’s time to head to the airport. It’s best to arrive with plenty of time to spare before your departure, especially when travelling with young children. Consider taking the stress out of getting to the airport by staying in Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport. Choose our Park, Stay and Fly package and know that your car is safe while you and your family rest ahead of your journey, enjoying a fresh breakfast before taking our 5-minute shuttle bus journey to the airport.


    Pre-book your seats on the plane

    Book your seats to ensure your family is sitting together. Airlines will increase the price of seats after booking so it's best to book them at the same time you’re booking the flight.


    Pack and dress wisely for an easier for airport security

    Keep needed items in your carry-on luggage and place everything else in your check-in bag. Make sure any liquids are under 100mls and fit in one small plastic bag, per person. You can pre-order baby formula from Boots as a click-and-collect and collect it when you go through Manchester Airport’s security gate.

    Try to avoid having anyone wearing boots/heels or belts as they’ll have to be removed when passing through the metal detector while you’re already simultaneously trying to fish out your liquids bag, load your suitcase on the travellator and watch that the kids don’t wander off.

    Manchester Airport has a family fast lane for passing through security that’s wide enough for pushchairs. Ask a member of staff to guide you in the right direction if you can’t see it.

    Trunkis are ideal for holding your child’s carryon items. The cute case comes on wheels and can easily be pulled. If they’re feeling tired, your child can ride on the case while you pull it – if you can manage that along with your own luggage!


    Recommended items for your children's carry-on luggage
    • An activity book and crayons
    • A tablet with pre-downloaded movies
    • Headphones
    • Favourite teddy or a comfort blanket
    • Sweets to help with sore ears during take-off and landing
    Keep your travel documents together in a folder

    When travelling with children, there’s multiple passports and boarding cards to look after. Keep them together in a travel folder that you can easily access from your handbag or backpack to help your airport time run a little smoother.


    Where to eat and drink
    • Terminal 1
    • – Giraffe
    • – Joes Kitchen
    • Terminal 2
    • – Frankie & Benny’s
    • Terminal 3
    • – Trattoria Milano

    Restaurants at the airport will also heat up baby food items free of charge.

    Travelling with buggies, prams, car seats etc.

    You can bring your child’s pushchair through the airport and leave it at the entrance to the plane. It will be waiting for you as you exit the plane when you’ve reached your destination. Contact your individual airline for information on travelling with other baby equipment such as car seats, booster seats etc.

    Baby changing and other facilities

    Baby changing facilities are available throughout the three terminals at Manchester Airport. They are located either in or beside the lady’s bathrooms. There are chairs in the baby changing spaces to assist with breastfeeding. Manchester Airport supports breastfeeding and does not restrict where it can take place throughout the site.


    Play areas

    There’s a soft play area at Terminal 2 in the departure lounge beside Caffè Nero. The area has attractions suitable for children under three years old and an adventure play area for children aged three to eight. Art desks are also available throughout the airport. They are located at most eating areas and provide colouring books and crayons.


    Join in the excitement with the children, watch a movie with them on the plane, discuss the plans for your trip and enjoy your time spent together.

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