3 Galleries in Cambridge to Visit

As long as Cambridge has been a centre of learning – and that’s been the case since the 13th century – it has also been a place of art and creativity. And today is no different. If you are an art lover, Cambridge has more than enough to keep you satisfied, whether your tastes err on the side of the classical or the new.

With so many galleries in Cambridge centrally located, you don’t have far to go either from your room at Clayton Hotel Cambridge.

Kettle’s Yard

Part of Cambridge University, Kettle’s Yard is the institution’s repository for modern and contemporary art. Housing an extensive collection and a rotating fixture list of exhibitions, Kettle’s Yard is a great place to see modern art in a beautiful setting

The gallery itself looks much like a charming classic English home, but space has been developed very intelligently to provide significant insight into the best of modern and contemporary art. Only a stone’s throw from the many hotels near Cambridge Station, it’s a must-see gallery for anyone who loves bold, innovative art.

Recently refurbished and updated, Kettle’s Yard is one of the very best places in Cambridge to find and appreciate modern art by well-known and rising talent – so you might even see some of tomorrow’s big names.

Museum of Classical Archaeology

While not strictly an art gallery as such, the Museum of Classical Archaeology is chock-full of beautiful sculptures that put it on a par with more well-known galleries in the city.

Again, attached to the University of Cambridge – as many museums and art spaces in the city are – the Museum of Classical Archaeology is home to a stunning range of reproductions of sculptures from classical antiquity. And it’s only a short walk from Clayton Hotel Cambridge, so there’s no reason not to check it out. And you’ll be rewarded if you do because the museum has one of the largest plaster cast collections anywhere in the world.

The museum offers a fantastic insight into the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome, and a museum is a tremendous place for history and art lovers alike. There are few places in the country where you can immerse yourself in such ancient wonders, and that alone is enough reason to make the trip.

Byard Art

From the ancient, we go straight to the thoroughly modern, with Byard Art being one of the best places in the city to see contemporary artists doing their thing. It’s only a short hop from hotels near Cambridge station, so you don’t have far to go.

Rather than classical statues, here you’ll find all manner of colourful, expressive artwork and get a healthy dose of today’s up-and-coming artists. With regular exhibitions and shows, Byard Art is a place to see the best contemporary artists in all their glory. Come for the artwork and stay for the very chic and comprehensive print shop, where you can find your favourite piece and take it home. It’s a beautiful gallery and one of the very best in all of Cambridge.

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