living green initiatives

Caring for Our Environment

Living Green is The Clayton Hotel Cambridge environmental movement that inspires our staff and guests to care for our environment as a way of life for both our people and our guests.

As part of our culture at the hotel, we are always thinking about the environment in all the tasks we do and how we can strive to do better.

We have made some fantastic changes already including appointing a dedicated and professional environmental team who are constantly reviewing and taking pride in how we can improve all aspects at the hotel and training the entire team on our key environmental policies.

Environmental Initiatives

Here are some of the ways we are trying to protect our environment now and for generations to come:

  • The insulation in the hotel is under review as we identified that it makes a huge difference to heat loss and where possible upgrading this to prevent excess heat loss.
  • We have also installed LED energy-saving lights throughout the hotel and in addition, have installed movement detectors that switch these lights off when no movement is detected.
  • We have had a CHP installed which reduces the amount of electricity we use throughout the hotel. By installing movement detectors in areas of high-water usage, we have reduced the amount of water being used across the hotel.
  • Our team has a number of projects ongoing and reviewing how we can continue to make improvements and conserve the environment. The team is currently reviewing our in-room coolers to ensure they are right for our environment or can we look at installing endocubes in refrigerators to save energy.
  • With any hotel, coffee is a large part of the service we offer, especially during breakfast and for our conference delegates. We are therefore looking at converting our waste coffee granules into fertilizer.
  • As Cambridge is a city of cycling and pedestrians, we are encouraging all staff to where possible to cycle in or walk to the hotel. We also encourage our guests to explore Cambridge City using VOIscooters located right outside the hotel. We have established a collaboration with VOI scooters to have VOI electric scooters and e-bikes located right outside the hotel which make for a fun and environmentally friendly way of navigating the city, and we have an exclusive code for the use of our guests. Simply enter VOI_CLAYTON_CAMBRIDGE into the promotional area on the VOI app to redeem a free 10 minute ride for new VOI users.
  • We are currently reviewing all areas of the hotel to identify where we can install motion detectors to cut down on the use of unnecessary electricity, with the aim of implementing solar panels in the near future.

Herb Garden

With greenery so important, especially in the city, we want to maximise our small but perfect terrace and transform this into a home-grown herb garden. Our team will then plant a variety of culinary herbs that our Head Chef can then use in dishes to be served to our guests.

Bees and Insect Home

On our terrace, there will also be care taken over creating space for insects and bees to live and thrive with the comfort of a bug box or two around the garden and provide a snug, safe place for ladybirds to nest.

Our Community is Important

The community in Cambridge is what makes this city what it is.

We have plans to work with our local schools, educate and show them what they can do with recycling, and make it enjoyable by getting them involved and showing them that empty loo roll tubes and those online delivery boxes make great dolls houses, cars, and castles!

The Future

Clayton Hotel Cambridge is committed to continuing our efforts in reducing our environmental impact. If you have any recommendations or would like to know more please contact us.


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