Living green at Clayton hotel Liffey valley

Living Green at Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley

Our living green initiative is our way of implementing new environmental strategies into our hotel. We have a dedicated Green team who are tasked with creating new ways we can be more environmentally friendly at the hotel.

They will continue to create new ideas and strategies throughout the year and continuously improve our green initiative. This will be an ongoing project that the team members will work on and strive to make Clayton Liffey Valley an eco-friendlier environment.

Key Initiatives

At Clayton Liffey Valley we want to do all we can to make small changes with a big difference. We have a number of actions in place such as the bike to work scheme which is available to all staff members.

We are cutting back on single-use plastic containers, with this strategy being implemented across Clayton Hotels. This will be a huge step for us as this will reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste throughout all of our hotels.

The members of our Green Team are from a range of departments throughout the hotel, they will be in charge of waste management in their own department. This means that we will make sure that all suitable bins are color-coded and marked clearly with the different types of wastes. This will allow us to maximize waste segregation and encourage waste prevention.

Clayton Hotels Environmental Policy

Electric Car Charging Points

We have three electric car charging point installed in our underground car parking. As the number of electric cars is growing every year, we provide this service to our guests so they can relax with ease, knowing that we have covered all aspects of their stay.

The car charging points are located in our secure underground car park will be a great addition for our guests and for the environment.

The Future

Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley is committed to continuing our efforts in reducing our environmental impact. If you have any recommendations or would like to know more please contact us.


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