Dining At Clayton Hotels

We are delighted that our hotel restaurants are now open offering breakfast, lunch & dinner and lighter dining & snacks are available throughout the day from our Red Bean Roastery.

Keep Safe While Dining

Restaurants and lounges are set up to reflect physical distancing with suitable spacing between tables.

All food and drink orders will be taken at your table and although your server may look a little different you can be sure they offer the same warm welcome and excellent service with a smile.

Food will generally arrive at your table covered. During peak dining periods you may be advised to reserve a table through our Guest Services Platform, accessed when you connect to the hotels’ WiFi.

The Moment Your Mouth Starts Watering

At Clayton Hotels you can count on enjoying a relaxing meal in a friendly, stylish setting, with menus to suit all tastes and budgets.

Suppliers are carefully chosen to ensure the freshest produce and, where possible, local suppliers are preferred.


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