Red Bean Roastery

The red bean refers to the perfectly ripe fruit of the jasmine-scented flower of the coffee plant. Red Bean Roastery is about capturing this moment in a perfect cup of coffee.

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Tea & Coffee With Delicious Lighter Meals & Snacks

Besides a range of hygiene & safety measures which have been introduced you can enjoy the “Great Coffee Experience” you have come to expect from Red Bean Roastery. What truly elevates our coffee is the craft and care our baristas put into perfecting every cup.

The result of their craft is our signature espresso that is smooth, well rounded with a perfectly balanced body – rich, buttery feel with a deep, dark after taste. This craft and care are also reflected in our many other beverage offerings such as our specialty teas and selection of tasty snacks and treats, many of which are freshly prepared on-site.



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